Trial Proof

Trial Proof
relationship of
demanding worth,
anxiety on overdrive.
Sleep is a rigor mortic feat
of eyes staring through
gently closed lids
into worlds of white
veiled nonsense.
Hope’s anticipation;
film to the unseen dream,
‘tween drought & flood
is silence swirling.

Pounding aches
into my head
fastening back,
against a well dented pillow.

Thought’s incessant interruption
calling quill to pen them
in an automatic mess
by flashlight chiselled in print.

Artist’s Proof
misaligned, yet signed.

Phone texts I love you’s
from a distant vein pulsing.
I Love you too.

REM plays softly
tempting my neck to
give way to the head
falling forward, back,
but I still hold on
to proving, to care.

I’m here. I love you,
Speaks the shadow
to your dreaming.
I’m here.
I’ve been..
waiting in time.
Craving connection,
seeing Home in other
places resembling

I’m still here, I love you.
She says.
I’ve always loved you.

Home is a place
we call Soon.

More texts
telling of deaths
births and
miss you
More & less

Cxl’d Proof.

Be there soon.
car sounds pass.
He’s falling
into the place
no mortal travels.

I Love You, i Say.
I’ve always.
No more crying,
no more regret,

Warmth of
Eyes caress
a weary body,
wary of not

I know,
they say.
an echo of
playing and

Meeting Her
on the same side now,
I Love you So Much.
I missed you so.
And in His
liquid eyes
She smiles.


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