The Myth of an Add Ult.

The Myth of an Add Ult to be.. con-tin-ual-y revised ..
..under order of con-struct-ion.
I’ve heard a tale told
of a creature in 4 white walls,
with an excessive amount of belts,
and a plethora of wooden spoons.
Mouth spouts of many a ruling
with a waving finger point
Face red and full of frowns
with crinkled, wrinkled, furrowed brow
Disgust played out in tsk’s
at first burst of a question, “Why”?
Many a tasteless meal is plotted
full of ‘good for you’ greens n stuffs.

It’s been seen driving in
many a brand new car
working hard and serious days
until the sun goes down to bed.
These creatures do things that are very important,
in order to sign a pay-ment-e
sometimes wearing occule shaped devices
and squinting a furious eye snap.
They wear many sparkling things
and say very important words
Cannot be bothered while speak-ing
They say, “Because you must only be seen”

So wear your best i-roned vest
over white starched and buttoned shirt
pressed slacks with shiny tapping shoes
and hair combed up right nice.
These Add Ults like that very much
and will pinch your cheeks bright red
so you need not wear any blush
to keep them rosy, nice and plush
But make sure you hide your nose
or it might end up as one of their thumbs.
And make sure your p’s and q’s
are spelled out pretty and quick.

It takes some getting used to
but you will understand with time
how these Add Ults know what’s best
and will tell you all the time.
Just trust them and do not ask!
Do as they say, not do.
For these Add Ults have one weakness
of doing things you should not do.
This tale must be told and shared
So we all know how to be- & -have
when encountered in white walls one day
and cornered there to starve.

What’s that? You say, What do we do?
Well now, there’s only one thing..
Run fast! As fast, as fast as you can
and never, Oh never look back.
These Add Ults’ shoe-shoes don’t work so well
not as well as your nimble feet.
So Run fast to the wolves, to the trees
through the breeze in the clear fresh mountain air.
Run fast to the hills to the cabin that’s there
Where Grandmother always says Yes, my dear.
She knows what you need in the warmth of the hearth
with hugs and a big tasty bowl of soup.

Grandma .. with her false teeth and very wide grin!
Who speaks in tales and repeats them all the time.
Until eyes whirl a spiral spirographic song
and agree with whatever sweet thing is offered there.
Gramma! She knows best as well.
She will give when others will not tell.
Grammy, your teeth, they are so sparkly, Ding! Sharp looking…
What‽, Why so long? in Tooth that shines
a Canine ring! What could that be? Could it be‽
That those you thought were so close and loving
were the ones who offered Bane each time you rang!
under the guise of ointment for to soothe the sting
of not knowing Who? to Trust Anymore…
But the one Who occupies Your Soul? You! You Do! Me?
Yes! No! You. I. Me. Never the “We”!


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