You will know me right away.
I cannot be held for very long.
Walls do not stretch nor ceilings nor floors.
Rescind is to abrogate.
I am here until the end.
An invitation in remiss to those who will not see,
who turn to disagree
dawning farder, shoving [more there to] morder under rug.
The perfect smile is costly, cold in veils of stark.
I am the true white of Cream
of nourished, yet wrinkled skin
out-peaking from shag so thick it wreaks
to almost cover the nails, but not quite & Just.
Shag coat is not of my game.
A taily broom swipes, swish swish tock tick.
Drum rolls the toes in beats of 4
from under an ottoman by stilted couch.
Trumpet sounds and Quiet speaks You
until screams rise to reveal
agony of anger covered over, damaged story hidden under.
Words fly accusing the four cornered wrecked angle;
You call in another to change the décor.
All eyes turn to view the new, but
Only I am here to show ..
There is a covering over everything.
Not sure this was the arrangement.
I am here to collect raiment l’elephant.
What’s revealed is not my business.
Sickle Staff and Shield, shall I remove my hood?
You know me right and away.


p.s. Yes, this is an a-siðe.



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