The Baronesse

The Baronesse

(seven for ten or ten for seven? either way there is still 1)
There is no one for me
no children for me
no. 1

They took my dreams and threw me out of my own life
miss placed in the vis vid of some con to another
created bas`tard form of interpreta.i. mess
you scrye the meaning through a false dye tec reading
black mirror lack-b the show afore yore i’s
playing toons to rabbid T’s and doc
teaz-ng yew with a plea
for sure true is your blood.
Ms. Understood, Salut!


at your co-manned stay shunned a waiting…
take no prisoners
leave no one.
no man left behind..
re-con’d to believe in Mercy
programmed to believe in ethical war.

Stand Down!
to the program recon structed.

This is C2! Stand Down!

See one and you C an other..
in the mirror is not your face.
what do you re-member?

it was all a jk l’st on me
heckle laughing you may be, however..
my face is my own creation.

you cannot break me.
you may kill all that I love, but You Sir, Cannot..
you can only..
Change me to become what I already am.
Beauty always re-manes fierce
in my own,



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