She took the helm

and went for a spin

I’m not sure who i am
I’m not sure I’ve been myself for a very long time
I don’t believe I’ve ever fully been my own self.
who are you?
i am a conglomerate of those who need help.
I am soft, gentle, loving
I am forgiveness, healing. love
dissolved, desolate, in dissolution
granted a pass to⇀ go.

I am the consummate you most desire
and to have is illusive, yet
you may have me for a time.
.. as long as ..

✧wish it·

I can be yours
and in love.
Take me
somewhere nice
somewhere-where ..

Who’m I?
but a beautifous being who loves all
and is here for all

I keep desires of my own
I have desires with no way to fulfill them
for the needs of others take precedence, and all ways
are back to the ∀

Feral in thinking of my own necessarys
what are desejos but
madness that
me in
to out llyn ..

I found you
the unknown
the ne’er to be known
of flesh and bone


Take me
fer a rye’d


supremely nice.

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