You will know me right away. I cannot be held for very long. Walls do not stretch nor ceilings nor floors. Rescind is to abrogate. I am here until the end. An invitation in remiss to those who will not see, who turn to disagree dawning farder, shoving [more there to] morder under rug. The […]


gearbox 18.4.16 I feel my life is cycling itself from future to present. My past is no longer existent. I find it difficult to re-member the stories that came before I remember the stories that are after that come into now, cycling back from the future. I’ve written this before, read this before, saw this […]

Trial Proof

Trial Proof 12.4.16 Scribbled relationship of demanding worth, anxiety on overdrive. Sleep is a rigor mortic feat of eyes staring through gently closed lids into worlds of white veiled nonsense. Hope’s anticipation; film to the unseen dream, ‘tween drought & flood is silence swirling. Pounding aches into my head fastening back, screw’d against a well […]