soar i

the more i try it just gets worse. a wight-out rushing through me overwhelming every effort to accommodate to master no thing but to carry through waves that betide all sense left of tenor, peals the bellow that taur us, a sunder to rive. then stills the be⋅at to silent hoof bore and static in […]

crossing lines

re-membering Love lost before it ever.. ’06 to a place in time crossing lines, vanishing veils before.. time was ever to take a form.. Somewhere through the liquid mirror.. reaching in for the moment in space where you -and I robed in the ancients’ glistening veils- so lovingly me enfolded, transfiguring my skin to effervescing […]

The Baronesse

The Baronesse 7.4.17 (seven for ten or ten for seven? either way there is still 1) There is no one for me no children for me no. 1 They took my dreams and threw me out of my own life miss placed in the dream of some con to another created bas`tard form of interpreta.i. […]

En of Ur

22.2.16 Ribbon of sea & tulle grown, worn darkening silke soothsaying storm euphonious siren calls to homing swimming softly within primeval en-gully gulf’d pró mar Arabian Sonhadora Twixt earth & sky binding, ornamented devoted legacy of hymnody oded plea dos céus hail’d du Nord En hedu ana of Ur to you, I give thee Freautonocréer […]


You will know me right away. I cannot be held for very long. Walls do not stretch nor ceilings nor floors. Rescind is to abrogate. I am here until the end. An invitation in remiss to those who will not see, who turn to disagree dawning farder, shoving [more there to] morder under rug. The […]


gearbox 18.4.16 I feel my life is cycling itself from future to present. My past is no longer existent. I find it difficult to re-member the stories that came before I remember the stories that are after that come into now, cycling back from the future. I’ve written this before, read this before, saw this […]

Trial Proof

Trial Proof 12.4.16 Scribbled relationship of demanding worth, anxiety on overdrive. Sleep is a rigor mortic feat of eyes staring through gently closed lids into worlds of white veiled nonsense. Hope’s anticipation; film to the unseen dream, ‘tween drought & flood is silence swirling. Pounding aches into my head fastening back, screw’d against a well […]